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Established in 2016 by the Association des LeBlanc, the Order of Daniel LeBlanc is an entity created to honor the descendants of Daniel LeBlanc and Françoise Gaudet, who have demonstrated a high level of personal and professional excellence and success in their chosen fields of activity thus contributing in an extraordinary manner to the renown of their ancestor.To be admissible to the Order an individual must be part of the extended progeny of Daniel LeBlanc, including those persons whose family name is other than LeBlanc, this for whatever reason. 

For a detailed description of the Order of Daniel LeBlanc, including the criteria of admission to the Order, the terms and conditions of proposing an individual and the selection procedure, all one needs to do is visit the following link: Official document defining the Order of Daniel LeBlanc. Furthermore, a complete explanation of the procedure to follow in nominating an individual, including an imbedded copy of the form to be used to do so, can be perused at this link: Nomination procedure and form for the Order of Daniel LeBlanc.  Finally, it is important to take into account the following two requirements: To be considered during a given year, a complete proposal must be submitted to the president of l'Association des LeBlanc before the 1st of March of the year in question and, no more than three candidates will be received in any one year.