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Tercentenary of the LeBlancs of Acadia 1650-1950

This Photo was taken in front of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de l'Assomption in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, on September 4, 1950 during the first reunion of the LeBlancs of Acadia, three hundred years after the arrival of Daniel LeBlanc, the first LeBlanc to established in Acadia.

It was then estimated that there were 100 000 descendants of Daniel who, with his wife Françoise Gaudet, were settled in Port Royal in 1650.

Following the deportation of 1755, the LeBlancs of Acadia were scattered throughout North America and Europe, but are now particularly concentrated in Canada (provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Québec) and the United States (states of Louisiana and New England).

This first reunion of the LeBlancs of Acadia was organised by Rev. Patrice LeBlanc, Redemptorist, who is standing at the center of the photo next to Msgr Albénie LeBlanc.

This remarkably clear photo was taken by Thomas Bourgeois of Moncton NB for the firm Photo Moderne Enrg. of Québec, Québec. It is rumored that, at the time, it appeared in an edition of Life Magazine. However, this affirmation has not been confirmed. On this point, the Association would greatly appreciate the help of anyone with corroborating evidence.

The Association des LeBlanc was founded in 1950, following the first reunion of LeBlancs. Edgar T. LeBlanc of Moncton NB was its founding president. The Association was reactivated under the presidency of Aldor LeBlanc of Shediac NB for the World Acadian Congress of 1994. Louis H. LeBlanc of Dieppe NB is its current president.

The original photo is much larger than the one depicted above. In fact, it measures 25 inches by 6.75 inches (63.5 cm by 17.2 cm). It is therefore not practical to present the entire photo in its original format on the screen of a computer. To let the reader appreciate the good resolution of the original picture, and maybe help in identifying those appearing in it, the photo was subdivided in three parts of equal dimensions (9 inches by 6.75 inches) with an overlap of one inch on each side of the central segment so that the face of each participant appears in its entirety in at least on section. The three parts are identified as the left section, the central section and the right section.

The readers are invited to brows the three segments to see just how clear the many faces are. The Association would also greatly appreciate receiving the name and the coordinates of each of the participants that can be identified (ex. Rev. Patrice LeBlanc, coordinates E12; 4 o'clock, to the right). This information, and comments on the content of this page, can be e-mailed to: Tercentenary-1950. Finally, it is possible to check the list of participants that have already been identified by pointing your browser to: Participants in the photo of the LeBlanc Tercentenary-1950.

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