Association des LeBlanc
64 Lakeburn Ave
Dieppe, NB, Canada 
Tel: 1 (506) 858  8928


The Coat of Arms depicted above was granted on August 15 1995 to the Association des LeBlanc, inc. by the Heraldic Authority of Canada underthe authority of His Excellency Roméo A. LeBlanc, Governor General of Canada. The Association aims to unite the Acadian LeBlancs, all descendants Daniel LeBlanc and Françoise Gaudet who where settled in Acadia by 1650.

Explanation of symbols

The colors are those of the Acadian flag. The wavy bars symbolize the ocean crossed by the first ancestor and the various sea voyages undertaken by the family, notably during the deportation. The gold star is one of the principal official symbols of Acadia, first adopted in 1884. The sheaf formed by five ears of wheat recalls Daniel's occupation as a farmer and his five sons. The garden lily has a double meaning: it recalls the French origin of the LeBlanc family; the whiteness of the flower is also an allusion to the name LeBlanc. The galley in an authentic symbol of Acadia and the Latin motto "Ut fructum plus afferat" can be translated to English as meaning "So that it be more fruitful".

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