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The Association des LeBlanc is an incorporated group of individuals who are descendants of Daniel LeBlanc and Françoise Gaudet, the common ancestors of all the Acadian LeBlancs.

The aims of the Association

The aims of the Association are to favor exchanges and solidarity between members of the LeBlanc family and to promote research on the history and genealogy of the descendants and ascendants of Daniel LeBlanc and Françoise Gaudet.

Daniel LeBlanc and Françoise Gaudet were established at Port Royal in Acadia as early as 1650. They had seven offsprings of which five sons gave them 35 grandchildren and 112 great-grandchildren.

The LeBlanc family quickly became the most populous of all the Acadian families. It is now estimated that there are somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 descendants scattered over all the continents of the globe, the biggest concentration being in Canada (in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec) and the United States of America (in Louisiana and the states of New England).

Moncton, the world capital of the LeBlancs

A large concentration of LeBlancs reside in the south-east corner of the canadian province of New Brunswick, especially in the city of Moncton and the surrounding region, making it possible to assert that it is the world capital of the LeBlancs. They represent by far the largest portion of the population of the region, surpassing every other family group of all origin.

LeBlanc, alias White, Blanc, Blank, Leblongue

By publishing a Web page, the Association des LeBlanc hopes to establish contacts with many more of the descendants of Daniel LeBlanc and Françoise Gaudet, including those whose family name has changed over the years. The names White, Blanc, Blank and Leblongue are amongst the most common variations that exist today. Those wishing to communicate with the Association can do so by simply sending an email message to

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